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Summer retreat 2024

reconnect with your core self & expand into your sacred feminine  

Let's gather on July 17th and 18th to reconnect with ourselves and unveil our feminine power

to a deeper level

The Sacred Feminine speaks of the original & uncensored power of the All Women

For each of you, this retreat will allow a reconnexion and remembrance with the own power & unique wisdom 









How will we do this

We gather as women used to gather in circles, for two days, away from our daily lives and routines.

This to recenter, regroup, listen to our deep selves and our sacred essence -- to discover and experience practices that we will be able to keep using and referring to in the future of our daily lives.

Take this time to feel into, identify & mark what you'd like to see deepening or shifting in your life... 

What are our goals?

Retrieve and expand one's own personal power 

Become free from our fears, blocks, wounds, that we grew within ourselves or even inherited

Become more intimate with our selves 

Listen to and respect our selves, meet other of our parts, know thyself in depth 

Connect with our Feminine nature and its different aspects

Discover the Medicine Wheel and the 13 original mothers, who are the keepers of all facets of Women and are all linked to a specific lunar phase 

Allow the right to be and exist to all of our inner aspects 

Activate one's gifts and grow one's intuitive power

Trust one's inner world, their instincts and intuition

Discover new tools allowing to not let our intuitive parts dormant 

Relearn our unique frequency and essence, initiate oneself deeper to their own selves 


A profound initiation shared between women

our activities will be

  • Initiation to Singing Bowls (to be confirmed)

  • Teachings on the Sacred Feminine and the Archetypes connecting to the Moon cycle

  • Intitation to Cards Reading 

  • Discovery of our individual Key Numbers in numerology 

  • Creative activities and Self-Expression Unleashed 

  • Writing Rituals 

  • Women Circle, sharings 

  • Relaxation and Meditation

for whom and why?

  • Those who hear the call

  • THerapists, self-help professionals and aspiring to

  • Women going through major life changes, rebirth processes, life transitions...

  • Women that went through physical, emotional, psychic or sexual abuse

  • Women trying to release blocks in their lives 

  • Women trying to grow in self-confidence, self-esteem, their own anchoring, their power, their intuition, so that they could lead their choices and lives in an even more empowered way

  • Women seeking to learn more about themselves 

  • The Feminine trying to reconcile to their creative self, their joy, their unique frequency, their gifts, what make them only "themselves" and nobody else 

  • ... or seeking more meaning, more depth and "transcendance" and spirituality in their lives 

  • Women looking for new self-help tools to bring to their daily lives 

  • And of course, any of you who feel connected, inspired by that text! 

  • Without any prerequisite of course: come as you are. 


Hameau de Pave, south of Toulouse (Southern

France) on the way to the Pyrenees 

(Montbrun Bocage). 

In a peaceful setting in nature...

Site web du Hameau.



190€ for 2 days, stay including (bed sheets and food not included) - ask me for full price with bed sheets and food. 

Option: you choose to not stay there during the night, your cost is 170€ for attending the 2 days.

If you'd like to join us, use the Contact Page or write me here

I'm SO looking forward to meeting you all for this sacred journey!! 


Those who loved it:

"Working intimately with Sophie within group dynamics has been monumental on my journey. Her gentle presence carries such wisdom and her channelings have always resonated with me on a deeper level, encouraging and uplifting me during challenging moments. If you really want to open up to more love, magic and empowerment in your life and on your journey, then taking a course by Sophie is a great first step."

Jess, USA

"Sophie has a gift of creating and holding safe and sacred space where one can easily access the parts of oneself that’ve previously been hidden or denied. 

Tessa, Bali

"Sophie is divinely guided, honest and intuitive. A Light bearer and a remarkable woman! Namaste"

Rachel, NYC

Sophie is highly gifted in acting as a guide, a channeller, and an interpreter of energy. Her presence is soft, knowing, wise, sensitive, gentle and she is gifted with word magic from the divine. Any work you do with her will be of value. Thank you Sophie for the work you do on planet earth, helping to raise the consciousness of our planet, and being a guide back to the light. Your radiance helps others find their way back home."

Holly, USA

"Sophie is gifted in creating and holding space for the authentic, embodied self to emerge and for creativity and connection to arise. Whether that's through her writing groups I have participated in or her women's circles, I have had the honor and pleasure to come undone to embody who I truly am. Shame does not exist in her containers as she supports the raw, untamed, and primal self to emerge along with the tender, most vulnerable parts of our humanity to exist also. I have seen it and witnessed it in other participants in her groups and I, too, have been on the receiving end. I was able to release so much shame and wounding I was still carrying from my past through the poetry I was able to create with her and in the storytelling that she held space for. She has a gift for being a midwife of possibility as she deeply attunes and sees the needs of the whole that then allows an alchemical and synergistic exchange to take place. I have been on the receiving end of this and have witnessed this too in others. I've entered her spaces stuck, scared, and doubtful and have exited leaving joyful, uplifted, connected, and alive. I have been truly impacted by her support. Thank you Sophie!"

Artemis, USA

"I have known Sophie for many years. Her free spirited nature is like no other. She is highly intuitive and experienced in all areas of life and love. Sophie always takes you on a journey of freedom and helps you get to the deep down root of all things holding you back from connecting to your highest self. She is kind, loving and brilliant! There are truly no words to describe Sophie's insight into the heart & soul.
She is a master! A real gift to our world."

Becky, Atlanta

"Hier soir, j'ai participé à mon tout premier Cercle de Femmes. 11 femmes qui ne se connaissaient pas ont décidé de se faire confiance et de vivre ce moment dans le partage, l'échange, la bienveillance, l'écoute. Ce matin je suis encore nourrie de cette belle énergie de groupe. Un grand merci à chacune d'entre elles simplement d'avoir été là et un merci spécial à Sophie de nous avoir réunies au moment de l'Equinoxe d'automne. Ce fut un magnifique moment de connexion." - Céline

« Gratitude infinie à Sophie pour l'humilité, la douceur et la justesse de sa posture. J'apprécie particulièrement ses rituels créatifs et inspirants, l'ambiance cocooning confidentielle et intimiste qu'elle nous propose et qui se renouvelle cercle après cercle. Je recommande sans modération ! » - Adeline

« Merci Sophie pour cette bulle de bonheur. L'instant est puissant, fort en émotion avec bienveillance et respect. On repart remplie de lumière positive. » - Sandra

"C'était vraiment un très beau moment hier, très fort émotionnellement et libérateur pour nous toutes finalement." - Michelle

"Un espace simple, mais profond et intense aussi. Quelle bienveillance en la personne de Sophie! Je ne peux que recommander son énergie pour vos moments sacrés." - Laura

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